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Invest in Shoe Insoles for Pain Relief

shoe insoles
Do you struggle with pain in your feet and heels? Do you need to be on your feet long hours but feel as though your feet will not tolerate it? This can be due to a lack of support within your shoes. Your feet are not flat – but most shoes are. This causes pain…
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Know the Custom Orthotics Cost and Difference

orthotics cost
Are you buying over the counter orthotics and still frustrated with sore, painful feet? Over the counter choices are overwhelming, and are likely to cause more harm than good. After trying several different insoles, you will realize the investment in true custom orthotics is worth it. Many people don’t realize this option exists, and those…
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Ordering Orthotics From Home

Ordering orthotics at home
Ordering Orthotics From Home As we move forward in this unprecedented time of COVID-19, many aspects of our day to day lives are changing, and we’ve been confronted with new choices about our daily activities, what’s necessary and what is not. While we will have to make sacrifices and avoid certain trips that would normally…
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Stop Wasting Money On Over The Counter Orthotics

over the counter orthotics
Stop Wasting Time and Money on Orthotics That Don’t Fit When shopping for, or even just thinking about orthotics to ease foot or joint pain, many people feel torn between two unsatisfying options—picking up another pair of over the counter orthotics that don’t fit their feet and often seem to make things worse, or trying…
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What Does Custom Molded Really Mean?

custom molded
What Does Custom Molded Really Mean? When seeking out an orthotic, it’s imperative that you find one that fits you specifically. After all, orthotics are meant to correct pronation and other biomechanical foot issues, or reduce hip, knee or other joint pain and pressure—all issues that are unique to you and require individual solutions.  An…
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