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You may send your product back for a modification within 30 days of receipt, without charge. Subsequent modifications will incur a cost of $30.
Please direct enquiries to [email protected].

How long will my orthotics last?

Arcus orthotics will last for 5-10 years and may develop slight deformity over time. The top cover, due to its constant interaction with your feet, will last for 1 year or more. With purchase of our topcover insurance, you have 2 top-cover exchanges for $90.

Limited Money Back Warranty

We offer a 60-day 100% Money Back Warranty from the date you receive your orthotics.


We offer a 2-year umbrella insurance policy for $90. This includes a total of 2 top-cover exchanges as well as any fix to a compromised hard-shell.

Replacement of Top-Cover

For those who choose not to opt-in to our insurance coverage, a single top-cover exchange is $90.
Please direct enquiries to [email protected].

Additional Purchase of Orthotics

Customers often require two or three sets of orthotics, either for high use or various shoe types.

After initial purchase, a second pair of orthotics is discounted to $149. Subsequent sets are $129.

Timeline from Purchase to Product

Customers will receive molding foam in the mail within 3-4 business days. After returning your box and completing your online profile, you should expect to receive your custom orthotics in 2-3 weeks.

Made in the USA

All products and services are hand-crafted in the United States.


Purchase is intended for contiguous US customers only.

Arcus Orthotics are custom-molded to improve
the function of your foot.

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