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How To

If you have created your online Arcus profile and have received your molding box in the mail, you are probably wondering how to go about molding your foot correctly.

Please ensure both sides of your molding material were unharmed during shipment.

You will notice four top cover materials provided in the box. Please evaluate them and choose the one that you prefer. Keep in mind this material will be touching your skin or sock.

Before creating your mold, if you have a callus or other direct pressure point that you want to offload in your orthotic, please tape an accurately sized coin or object of depth to the bottom of your foot to indicate the location. After molding your foot, be sure to pronounce the site or sites to ensure our orthotic lab can properly customize the orthotic for you.

How to Mold Your Orthotic

  1. The first step to create your molding is to close the box envelopes and place them on the ground in front of your chair.
  2. Sit down on the chair.
  3. Before placing your feet on top of the box, have your knees directly on top of your ankle and foot at 90 degrees, and then angle your knees ever so slightly into a knock knee position.
  4. To properly align your feet, place both feet lightly on top of the molding box without applying pressure.
  5. Throughout the process it may help to lightly hold the box down with the opposite foot to prevent slippage.
  6. Once you have ensured proper alignment, start by lifting either the left or right envelope of the box. Slowly and evenly press your foot down into the center of the foam molding material. *Note that you do not need to press your foot to the bottom of the box, only 1 inch is required so long as the entire bottom of the foot is imprinted. Do not worry if there are slight imperfections as we will be able to correct them.
  7. Close the side of the box for the foot you have completed, and repeat the process with the other foot.
  8. Once you have completed both molds, fold the box up and place the prepaid label onto the box, ensuring you don’t cover your personal ID number.
  9. Ship the box back to Arcus Orthotic’s central casting department so we can begin creating your custom foot orthotics.
  10. Before we receive your box, log back onto our website and finalize your profile. Please choose the orthotic need, top cover material, type of foot and your exact diagnosis or modifications. Include any additional information you feel is necessary so that we can provide you with a quality custom orthotic suited for your specific needs.

How To Use an Orthotic

Remove the insole from your current shoes to allow for more room for your custom orthotics. This will also allow you to use the original sole for tracing purposes. Your new Arcus orthotic will now solely be controlling your heel position and arch height.

  1. Remove your Arcus orthotics from the bag.
  2. The Arcus orthotics are likely longer than your current insole so that you can customize the size to fit your shoe. If the orthotics are too long, you will need to trim the fronts down to size with a sharp scissor.
  3. We suggest to start slowly, leaving the Arcus orthotics a little longer so you don’t accidentally trim too much. You can always trim off more of the orthotic at the tip if it is too long or trim more on a certain edge to fit your shoe. Align them evenly back-to-back with original insole on top and either trace or just slowly cut along the border to have the length properly fitted. Repeat this process on the other side.
  4. Remove the insole from your desired shoe (dress shoe, sneaker, flats, heels) and replace them with your Arcus orthotics. Ensure the left is on the left, and right is on the right. They should fill out the front and back of your shoes and be flat throughout.
  5. Place your feet into the shoes.
  6. The most important step. Over the course of one week, gradually add 1-2 hours each day of wearing time each so that your arch and heel have time to slowly adjust to the correct Arcus position. Remember during the adjustment period, when the Arcus orthotic is in your shoe, the original insole is out, and when your original insole is in, the Arcus orthotic is out.

If you have any discomfort or pain while wearing, remove the orthotics from your shoes and replace them the next day. We are changing the architecture and gait of your foot and it will take time for your body to adjust to your new Arcus normal. You’re now on your way to comfort and support, the Arcus way.

What Arcus Customers Have To Say

What a lucky find! Wanted a small company that would give me personalized attention and stand behind their product. They went beyond my expectations. The price was reasonable- the process for fitting was simple and I got a beautiful pair of orthotics with a different correction for each foot- poor me. I had questions which Lisa answered
patiently. This is an honest review by someone who had the good fortune to order from a reputable company. Happy to recommend them without hesitation.


I’m a trauma surgeon & need to be up on my feet for 12+ hours at a time performing surgery. The last thing I need is foot pain. After about 4 hours of standing I would start to experience pain so I decided to give Arcus orthotics a try.
I’ve been consistently pain free now after wearing my new orthotics. I strongly recommend them for anyone who has a standing job! I even ordered a second pair for my running sneakers as well.


As an avid distance runner with recurring foot and knee pains, Arcus Orthotics have greatly helped correct my running form, alleviate pressure and avoid injuries. The "one size fits all" orthotics available at stores simply do not get the job done. Thanks to Arcus Orthotics' custom approach, I am now pain free!

Michael Affrunti

Such quick turnaround. I got 1 pair for sneakers, 1 pair for my flats and 1 pair for my high heels. Immediate relief for my arch pain. Highly recommend!!!!

Brooke Skolnick

I love my new orthotics from Arcus. My heel pain disappeared within days. It’s a total game changer in the way I walk and feel. I found the instructions to be user-friendly and would recommend this product to friends and family.

Matt Goldfarb

I suffer from plantar fasciitis and my insurance would cost too much for me to go through the doctor. I was told about Arcus orthotics and it was such a great experience and very easy to navigate. I got my custom orthotics and my foot pain has decreased greatly. The customer service was excellent and I will be sure to refer this company!!

Monique Roberts

I received excellent orthotics from Arcus. Overall very happy with experience and would recommend to friends.

Dan Adler

I received a pair of orthotics from Arcus and I can attest to how much they helped me. I suffer from flat feet and lower back aches and the orthotics worked wonders, in just a few months I notice a drastic change and am able to work through my day pain free. They fit perfectly and they arrived very quickly so I was able to use them almost immediately. I now put them in every shoe I wear as well.

Michael Mazzulla

Arcus was able to help me alleviate pain caused by arthritis. I had previously gotten orthotics from another doctor that only caused me more pain. Immediately, I noticed the difference with my new orthotics. The process was easy and I was able to get my orthotics in a timely manner.

Julia Rickert

Great company! So professional and fairly priced. Better price than podiatrist. After using the orthotics my foot pain has went away! Highly recommend!


I received my custom orthotics a few weeks ago and have already noticed a difference. I was diagnosed with flat feet and have always had pain. I work from home full time and am juggling two kids so I hadn't had time to see my podiatrist. This process was so easy and I could do it all without leaving the house. Definitely recommend!

Stephanie Li Harvey

Easy process from start to finish. Once received, the instructions were so easy. Even my doctor was impressed and asked me for more information. I am ordering my second and third pairs now for all of my shoes!

Evan Puchalsky

I am a trauma surgeon on my feet for 10 hours or more at a time performing surgery. The last thing I need is foot pain. After about four hours of standing I would start to experience pain so I gave Arcus orthotics a try. I have now been pain free after consistently wearing my new orthotics. I strongly recommend them for anyone who has a standing job. I just ordered a second pair for my running sneakers as well.

Dr. J. Weinberger

I have rolled my left ankle at least 10 times over the past 5 years leading to lateral ankle instability. Being a cop, I need to run often and without these orthotics in my boots I would likely need to be transferred to a desk job. I am back to running without rolling my ankle or having the fear of rolling my ankle, it’s awesome.

Ruben B. – NJ

I am a teacher and am on my feet all day long. If I didn’t have custom arch support in my flats I wouldn’t be able to handle the constant heel pain. I have a second pair of Arcus Orthotics in my sneakers as well for working out and playing sports after hours. These are a must buy.

Nicole P. – CA

I had a Morton's Neuroma 2 years ago in my left foot and had it surgically removed. Recently my right foot began having Morton’s Neuroma pain as well. I ordered Arcus orthotics and so far I have been pain free and no longer think I will need surgery on my right foot. These orthotics saved me from going to the operating room again!!!!

Fred P. – MA

I was diagnosed by my Podiatrist with plantars fasciitis and my insurance didn’t cover orthotics. I found Arcus and within a few weeks I was back on the tennis court and doing all of my physical activities pain free! I now have Arcus orthotics in every pair of shoes I wear!

Nancy M. – NJ

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