What a lucky find! Wanted a small company that would give me personalized attention and stand behind their product. They went beyond my expectations. The price was reasonable- the process...
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I’m a trauma surgeon & need to be up on my feet for 12+ hours at a time performing surgery. The last thing I need is foot pain. After about...
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Michael Affrunti

As an avid distance runner with recurring foot and knee pains, Arcus Orthotics have greatly helped correct my running form, alleviate pressure and avoid injuries. The “one size fits all”...
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Brooke Skolnick

Such quick turnaround. I got 1 pair for sneakers, 1 pair for my flats and 1 pair for my high heels. Immediate relief for my arch pain. Highly recommend!!!!

Matt Goldfarb

I love my new orthotics from Arcus. My heel pain disappeared within days. It’s a total game changer in the way I walk and feel. I found the instructions to...
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Monique Roberts

I suffer from plantar fasciitis and my insurance would cost too much for me to go through the doctor. I was told about Arcus orthotics and it was such a...
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Dan Adler

I received excellent orthotics from Arcus. Overall very happy with experience and would recommend to friends.

Michael Mazzulla

I received a pair of orthotics from Arcus and I can attest to how much they helped me. I suffer from flat feet and lower back aches and the orthotics...
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Julia Rickert

Arcus was able to help me alleviate pain caused by arthritis. I had previously gotten orthotics from another doctor that only caused me more pain. Immediately, I noticed the difference...
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Great company! So professional and fairly priced. Better price than podiatrist. After using the orthotics my foot pain has went away! Highly recommend!

Stephanie Li Harvey

I received my custom orthotics a few weeks ago and have already noticed a difference. I was diagnosed with flat feet and have always had pain. I work from home...
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Evan Puchalsky

Easy process from start to finish. Once received, the instructions were so easy. Even my doctor was impressed and asked me for more information. I am ordering my second and...
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