About Arcus

Staffed by a robust team of medical professionals, Arcus is unrivaled among online custom orthotics. Unlike cheap competitors who rely on prefabricated molds, each of our insoles are custom-tailored for YOUR feet.

Orthotics That Actually Fit Your Foot!

Tailored to
Your Foot

Each of our custom orthotics is designed with state-of-the-art technology, to guarantee a custom fit for your bone structure and gait

Proudly Made In America

Arcus Orthotics are designed and manufactured in the United States ensuring quick turnaround and consistent quality

Motivated by Compassion

An avid supporter of preventative care, Arcus proudly donates a portion of each purchase to diabetic research and treatment

Our Mission

Every sole is unique. At Arcus, we think every orthotic should be too.

A leading podiatrist in New Jersey, Dr. Adam H. Kaplan has treated thousands of patients in both private and non-profit practice. Over the years, he witnessed a growing disparity in the foot and ankle industry; namely, the availability of true custom orthotics.

Having treated so many patients and conditions, Dr. Kaplan’s knowledge and expertise equipped him to conceive a better strategy for access to medical care. Whether they lack insurance or simply live too far from a specialist, Dr. Kaplan created Arcus Orthotics to make expert healthcare accessible to those who need it most.

With Arcus Orthotics, all customers have access to the expert medical care they need to stay, literally, on their feet.

The Arcus Algorithm

We have developed a proprietary formula for a high quality custom foot orthotic, leaving us unmatched among e-commerce competitors. These companies at best only create a mold of your foot and then choose from their prefabricated (not custom molded) inserts. Not only do we custom mold, we remedy your foot by correcting the alignment with supportive modifications based on our formula. We use similar techniques to that of podiatrists, yet allow you to help design your own custom orthotic from your home, and at more than half the price! We cut out of the middle man, allowing us to pass on the savings to you.

By correctly aligning your heel position and adjusting your arch shape, we are able to prevent pain, prevent the progression of deformities, and help to avoid surgical correction. Providing as much information as possible about your condition or injury is very helpful in the process, however, if you aren’t sure, we ask that you provide pictures of your feet (heel and arches) and your shoes, so that our experienced podiatrists and orthotic techs can prescribe and create the orthotic you need to live pain free.

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