Making the Orthotic

The Arcus Custom Orthotic Manufacturing Process

A pair of Arcus Orthotics, unlike many on the market, are TRULY customized to your feet.
Learn more about our specialized, podiatrist-supervised process.

Your molding is shipped to the receiving department at our central manufacturing facility. There, both the molding and the information from your My Arcus profile are evaluated. It is then sent to the central casting department.

In central casting your foam is filled with plaster of paris and then numbered so that it can be tracked throughout the manufacturing process

Once the plaster has hardened, a casting technician chips away and removes the foam from the plaster replica of your feet.

Next, a casting technician uses a metal filing rasp to shave down your cast based on the diagnosis and recommendations of our Arcus Podiatrists.

Once your casts have been approved by our experts, they are sent to the pressing department. Here, your orthotics begins to form and a material is selected based on your condition and diagnosis.

The material is heated to a high temperature, then placed on your cast and vacuum pressed directly to your mold.

Once cooled, the vacuum press is released and the cast and molded orthotics are sent directly to the grinding department.

Our master technicians, with over 25 years of experience, then grind your orthotic to our doctor’s biomechanical specifications.

Once the grinding is complete and the orthotics are smooth, your cast and orthotics will enter the posting stage. Depending on how high or low your arch is, we will improve this through heel correction, also known as posting.

Once posting is complete, the orthotics move onto the extensions department. Our master technicians place the forefoot of the orthotic into the shell. Depending on the orthotic type and your unique conditions, they will then cover the entire device with a soft, comfortable foam which extends to the end of the toes.

Once the extensions are in place, the orthotics move to the accommodations department if required. Metatarsal pads, heel spur pads, Morton’s extensions, heel lifts, and many other parts can be added to your custom orthotics.

Now your orthotics enter the covering stage. Based on your unique feet, a covering will be chosen from several options. Vinyl, Dress, Sport, or Cloud tops will be placed on top of the orthotic for the final step of the manufacturing process.

Lastly and most importantly, your Arcus orthotics will enter quality control. Here your orthotics are reviewed thoroughly for accuracy. Once approved, they are sent to packaging and the orthotics are cleaned, packaged, and reviewed once more for quality. They are then sent to our shipping department, and are on their way to you in no time.

Once you receive your package, please follow the instructions for fitting and wearing your new custom Arcus orthotics.
Your custom orthotics are delivered to your door in just 2 weeks from receiving your mold.
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