Giving Back

Dr. Adam Kaplan has witnessed the debilitating impact of Diabetes first-hand. In many cases, patients lack access to care, rendering them incapacitated by ulcers, abscesses, infections, and more.

Dr. Kaplan’s innovative orthotics are designed to fill the void of a customized approach to care. The Arcus vision isn’t just to offer patients a better orthotic- it’s to offer them a better life.

Wholly committed to the research and treatment of disease, Arcus Orthotics will donate a percentage of all proceeds to the American Diabetes Association. Not only for those who lack insurance, but for patients who simply have neither the time, money, nor means to access a podiatrist. This philanthropism is our way of giving back to the community.

At Arcus, we believe that it is our medical and professional duty to support ALL patients.

Please, join us in helping others.

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