Frequently Asked Questions

You may send your product back for a modification within 30 days of receipt, without charge. Subsequent modifications will incur a cost of $30.
Please direct enquiries to help@

Arcus orthotics will last for 5-10 years and may develop slight deformity over time. The top cover, due to its constant interaction with your feet, will last for 1 year or more. With purchase of our top cover insurance, you have access to 2 top cover exchanges for $90.

We offer a 60-day 100% Money Back Warranty from the date you receive your orthotics.

We offer a 2-year umbrella insurance policy for $90. This includes a total of 2 top cover exchanges as well as any fix to a compromised hard-shell.

For those who choose not to opt-in to our insurance coverage, a single top-cover exchange is $90. Please direct enquiries to help@

Customers often require two or three sets of orthotics, either for high use or various shoe types.

After your initial purchase, a second pair of orthotics is discounted to $169. Subsequent sets are $149.

Customers will receive our molding box in the mail within 3-4 business days. After returning your box and completing your online profile, you should expect to receive your custom orthotics in 2-3 weeks.

Our products are all hand-crafted in the United States.

Purchase is intended for customers in the contiguous US only.

Custom orthotics are made for each individuals’ foot, to their unique specifications. They take into consideration your personal diagnosis, your arch, and your heel type. They are custom molded to your size, deformities and shoe type. OTC orthotics are prefabricated and use a one size fits all approach. Hence, they are unable to correct specific ailments, or be modified to fit a customer’s exact foot.

Being pain free is priceless. Many customers go through many over the counter orthotics first without finding relief. Our custom orthotics allow you to pay at least half the price of a podiatrist, don’t require a copay or a deductible, and reduce the need for surgery.

Anyone can benefit from custom orthotics, those suffering with sub-acute pain, chronic pain, or those looking to prevent future injuries.

If you are suffering with foot, knee, back or hip pain at any level, find that you are limiting your normal activities, or that your shoes are uncomfortable, orthotics might be right for you.

Yes, you will need to remove your current insole and trace it on your new custom orthotic, and slowly trim the border. You can find more information on our How To page.

You will need to open the flaps of the box and sit down on a chair in a slightly knock-kneed position. Slowly and evenly press your foot into the blue foam, one foot at a time. You don’t need to go all the way to the bottom, just enough to ensure the entire foot is imprinted. You can find more information on our How To page.

Spray a cloth and wipe down the orthotics. Do not spray anything directly on the orthotics. Do not use baby powder.

Plantar fasciitis is the microscopic tearing and inflammation of the plantar fascia. This is the connective tissue on the bottom of the foot that helps support the arch. It can be painful at the heel or arch of your foot. You may notice pain first thing in the morning or after your first couple steps after being seated for a long duration of time.

After submitting your order you will be prompted to fill out your customer profile. If you do not know your arch type, you can upload images of the backs and sides of your feet and we will be able to determine this for you.

Yes, our orthotics can be modified for sneakers, flats, dress shoes, high heels, and even ski boots.

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