Orthotic Types

Arcus Sneaker Orthotic

Description: The Arcus Sport Orthotic is a multifunctional, all around sports orthotic that uses semi rigid support while improving the biomechanical function of the foot. It is crafted specifically for your individual foot type, and guaranteed to improve your natural gait cycle.

Shell: Made of a high density polyethylene shell for maximum support or a 3mm thermoplastic. The bottom is filled with lightweight EVA which provides stability at the heel strike all the way through the toe.

Middle layer: Durable middle layer cushioning from heel to full length covering the entire device.

Top Cover: Vinyl, Sport, Dress, or Cloud.

Posting: Intrinsic or extrinsic rear foot.

Extension: Full foot through toes.

Bottom cover: Ultra suede.

Shoe Type: Athletic shoes, tie shoes, loafers, provides rear foot stabilization along with semi-flexible arch support. No Dress shoes.

For the sports enthusiast as well as anyone who exercises, walks, or engages in sports daily.

Specifically manufactured for most types of athletic shoes. Will also fit into select types of everyday walking shoes.

Maximum correction to prevent injury and correct pronation (flat feet) or supination (high arches).

Arcus Flat Foot

Description: The Arcus Flat is specifically manufactured for both male and female. An orthotic that provides support and reduces foot fatigue in a dress shoe.

Shell: 3mm polyethylene.

Middle Layer: A thin soft cushioned covering that is throughout the entire device to sulcus length.

Top Cover: Vinyl or Cloud.

Posting: Intrinsic rearfoot.

Extension: Sulcus length.

Bottom cover: Ultra suede.

Shoe Type: Men’s dress shoe; tie or loafer style, women’s low heel flats, or heels up to 3” in height.

An ultrathin orthotic for sleek, narrow, low heel designed shoes. Each pair comes with an ultra-suede bottom covering for a luxurious feel of stepping out in style.

For shoes that need an orthotic but can’t accommodate a full-cut designed device.

Specially designed with a flexible shell that is contoured for male and female dress shoes.

Arcus High Heel Orthotic

Description: Made to specifically fit into women’s high heel shoes up to 4” in height maximum. Also used in some men’s dress shoes.

Shell: 2-3mm polypropylene flexible plastic.

Middle Layer: Thin cushioned layer from heel to sulcus or full foot length.

Top cover: Vinyl or Cloud.

Posting: Intrinsic rearfoot and forefoot.

Extension: Sulcus or full foot length.

Bottom cover: Ultra suede.

Shoe Types: Women’s high heels up to 4” in height, men’s tie or loafer style dress shoe

The center heel cutout design allows the patient’s heel to sit lower in a shallow dress shoe counter.

Naturally contoured to fit in a shoe that needs the unique cobra pattern design.

Specifically controls pronation in either a high heel women’s shoe or can be contoured for a sleek men’s fashion shoe.

Arcus Dress Orthotic

Description: Hand crafted to fit dress loafers or dress tie shoes. A full cut, slightly narrow, grinded design for comfort and functionality.

Shell: 3mm polyethylene, or a choice of an ultra thin graphite.

Middle Layer: 1/16” cushioned layer from heel to either full foot or sulcus length.

Top cover: Vinyl, Cloud, or Spenco.

Bottom Cover: Ultra suede.

Posting: Intrinsic rearfoot.

Extension: Sulcus or full foot length.

Shoe Types: Men’s and women’s slip on loafers, sneakers, and tie shoes.

 A standard thermoplastic specifically manufactured for your dress shoes.

Manufactured for more narrow men’s dress shows and most women’s dress shoes.

A more versatile orthotic option providing relief for both men and women.

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