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What Are Orthotics

Orthotics refers both to external artificial devices like splints or braces, which are used to support, immobilize, or treat body parts that are injured, weak, deformed, or otherwise compromised, and to the branch of medicine that deals with those devices. The devices themselves may also be known as orthoses. Orthotics can include over-the-counter or off-the-shelf devices, but custom orthotics, which are designed to fit a specific person, are usually more effective. Examples of orthotics include all sorts of braces and splints, as well as orthotic shoe inserts.

Custom Orthotics

Since you can get some orthotic devices off-the-shelf, you may wonder if custom orthotics are necessary. Sometimes. It depends on the problem that you are trying to correct, the extent of the problem, and the recommendation of your doctor. For example, because carpal tunnel syndrome is generally the result of overuse and positioning, rather than a structural defect, off-the-shelf orthotic devices are beneficial to many people with that condition. However, when it comes to shoe orthotics, the differences in how people stand, the shape of feet, and how people move often make custom orthotic inserts the optimal choice for improving functionality and decreasing pain.

Custom Orthotics Cost

Many people are concerned about how much custom orthotics cost. We understand this concern, because they are certainly more expensive than off-the-shelf orthotic devices. Traditionally, it could cost several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for custom orthotics. To get them, you would first need to visit an orthopedist or podiatrist for a diagnosis, and they would refer you to an orthotist to be measured for your custom orthotics. Sometimes insurance would cover part of that cost, sometimes it would not.

Orthotics Simplified

At Arcus, we have simplified the process of getting custom foot orthotics, saving you money and saving you time. Instead of requiring you to visit a doctor for a referral and then find an orthotist you can see in person, we mail you the material you need to make a custom impression of your feet. Using that impression and information you provide in our online questionnaire, we can craft custom orthotics for you more quickly and more affordably

What Can It Help Alleviate

Orthotic inserts can correct for a wide variety of foot and leg issues, including, but not limited to: sesamoiditis; sinus tarsi syndrome; limb length discrepancies; Morton’s neuroma; bunions; Achilles tendon; high arch; flat feet; plantar fasciitis; tendinitis; turf toe; and chronic ankle sprains. How you stand, walk, and move impacts more than just your feet; in addition to improving foot functionality and decreasing foot pain, custom orthotics can help relieve knee and lower back pain, too.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“My daughter has severe tendinitis that causes so much pain she was limiting her physical activity and even had to get a wheelchair at Universal Studios. With custom orthotics, she is back to normal kid activities! “

“Working as a server, I was ending my days with foot, knee, and back pain, but my out-of-pocket costs for my insurance were outrageous. Arcus helped me get affordable orthotic inserts without missing work! “

“I had been using shoe inserts for years, but they were getting less effective. A PT friend mentioned Arcus to me, so I thought I’d give them a shot. I feel like I turned back the clock 10 years.”

Orthotic Types

Making the Orthotic

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