About Arcus

Staffed by a robust team of medical professionals, Arcus is unrivaled among online custom orthotics. Unlike cheap competitors who rely on prefabricated molds, each of our insoles are custom-tailored for YOUR feet.

Orthotics That Actually Fit Your Foot!

  • Tailored to Your Foot

    Each of our custom orthotics is designed with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee a custom fit for your bone structure and gait

  • Proudly Made In America

    Arcus Orthotics are designed and manufactured in the United States ensuring quick turn around and consistent quality.

  • Motivated by Compassion

    An avid supporter of preventative care, Arcus proudly donates a portion of each purchase to diabetic research and treatment

Board of Advisors

  • Dr. Adam H. Kaplan, DPM

    Adam Kaplan is the owner and CEO of Arcus Orthotics. A Podiatrist in New Jersey, Adam specializes in general podiatry as well as foot and ankle surgery. In addition to working alongside his father in private practice, he dedicates his time and expertise to local hospitals, wound care centers and assisted living centers.
  • Dr. Warren E. Kaplan, DPM

    Warren Kaplan is a Podiatrist in New Jersey with over 40 years of podiatric and surgical experience. He dedicates his time and expertise to both practices and local hospitals.
  • Dr. Stanley Klein, DPM

    Stanley Klein has been a practicing Podiatrist since 1979. Stanley owns two private practices in New York and New Jersey.
  • Dr. Alan Teitelbaum, DPM

    Alan Teitelbaum is a recently retired Podiatrist who owned and operated a private practice in New York City for 38 years. 
  • Brandon Pollak, MA

    Brandon Pollak possesses nearly 20 years of experience as a successful political strategist and entrepreneur. He is the Head of Government Relations and Public Affairs for defense technology startup Epirus. Previously, Brandon led Global Civic Engagement & Strategy at e-scooter startup Bird, and Co-Founded 1776, which he grew into a leading global incubator for startups scaling in highly regulated sectors.
  • Dr. Jason Teitelbaum, MD, MBA

    Jason Teitelbaum is a Radiologist and Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology at Yale. He holds a patent for medical devices used in vascular surgery, and is a co-founder and owner of 4YAY Medical Innovations, LLC.
  • Melanie Kaplan

    Melanie is an e-commerce buying and sales specialist, with several large corporations and startups under her belt. Skilled in marketing, pricing, social media, and customer acquisition, she has worked for Saks Fifth Avenue, Ross Stores, Nomorerack.com, and Kogan.com, among others.

What Arcus Customers Have To Say

I am a trauma surgeon on my feet for 10 hours or more at a time performing surgery. The last thing I need is foot pain. After about four hours of standing I would start to experience pain so I gave Arcus orthotics a try. I have now been pain free after consistently wearing my new orthotics. I strongly recommend them for anyone who has a standing job. I just ordered a second pair for my running sneakers as well.

Dr. J. Weinberger

I have rolled my left ankle at least 10 times over the past 5 years leading to lateral ankle instability. Being a cop, I need to run often and without these orthotics in my boots I would likely need to be transferred to a desk job. I am back to running without rolling my ankle or having the fear of rolling my ankle, it’s awesome.

Ruben B. – NJ

I am a teacher and am on my feet all day long. If I didn’t have custom arch support in my flats I wouldn’t be able to handle the constant heel pain. I have a second pair of Arcus Orthotics in my sneakers as well for working out and playing sports after hours. These are a must buy.

Nicole P. – CA

I had a Morton's Neuroma 2 years ago in my left foot and had it surgically removed. Recently my right foot began having Morton’s Neuroma pain as well. I ordered Arcus orthotics and so far I have been pain free and no longer think I will need surgery on my right foot. These orthotics saved me from going to the operating room again!!!!

Fred P. – MA

I was diagnosed by my Podiatrist with plantars fasciitis and my insurance didn’t cover orthotics. I found Arcus and within a few weeks I was back on the tennis court and doing all of my physical activities pain free! I now have Arcus orthotics in every pair of shoes I wear!

Nancy M. – NJ

Arcus Orthotics are custom-molded to improve
the function of your foot.

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