Custom Orthotics


Our vacuum-formed, hand-made orthotics are clinically proven to improve both the form and function of your feet. Unlike companies that rely on pre-made casts, we guarantee a custom fit, every time.

Three Easy Steps To Save Your Feet

  1. Place your order, we’ll ship you a molding box to create a perfect mold of your feet.
  2. Create the mold and send it back to Arcus central casting.
  3. Complete your Arcus profile to provide us with details about you and your feet.
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The Custom Orthotic That Actually Fixes Your Foot

Tailored to Your Foot

Each of our custom orthotics is designed with state-of-the-art technology, to guarantee a custom fit for your bone structure and gait

Proudly Made In America

Arcus Orthotics are designed and manufactured in the United States ensuring quick turnaround and consistent quality

Motivated by Compassion

An avid supporter of preventative care, Arcus proudly donates a portion of each purchase to diabetic research and treatment

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