Arcus Orthotics Featured In Well And Good Article

Arcus Orthotics Featured In Well And Good Article

‘I’m a Podiatrist, and These Are the Best Socks To Wear With Boots To Prevent Blisters’
October 1, 2021 | By Zoe Weiner

Boots and blisters are a match made in footwear hell. After a summer spent free-wheeling in sandals, your heels and toes are primed for pain—especially if you’re wearing the wrong socks.

First things first (to state the obvious), going totally sockless inside a pair of boots is a terrible idea and can create ongoing problems for your feet. “Blisters may form from the constant friction between the boot and your foot; fungal infections may arise due to excessive moisture, especially between the toes; you may get skin abrasions where the boot opening rubs up against your skin; and you could experience toenail trauma from the repetitive rubbing inside the toe box,” says Adam Kaplan, DPM, podiatrist and CEO of Arcus Orthotics.

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