The A, B, Cs of Custom Orthotics

Orthotics Insoles: More Than Meets the Eye

When people hear the words “insoles” and “custom orthotics,” they immediately believe that the two are synonymous. While both over-the-counter insoles and custom molded orthotics are designed to provide comfort and support to the foot, there is a big difference in the way that they are manufactured…not to mention who they are designed for. 


Over-the-Counter Insoles

A simplified version of custom orthotics are over-the-counter insoles. They are generally a single layer of foam, gel, or vinyl created by a major manufacturer and designed to fit an average foot. Most of these ready-made insoles provide overall cushioning, while some “deluxe” versions offer a form of built-in arch support. While the consumer is often given a choice of men’s or women’s designs, as well as opting for their general size (Small – Extra Large), they are still basically a “one size fits most” option–so calling them “Orthotics Insoles” would be a bit of a stretch. They don’t take into account the highly individualized structure or proportions of the user’s foot, let alone their height, weight, gait, or specific ergonomic needs. They can provide a degree of relief without addressing the underlying issues.


Custom Orthotics are Different

Custom molded orthotics, on the other hand, are in a league of their own! To explain, let’s break it down into the A, B, Cs!

“A” for Alignment

Alignment: The experts at Arcus Custom Orthotics know that there is so much more to an insole than just providing a thin layer of cushion. Well-fitted custom molded orthotics are fitted to your actual foot and can help correct deformities of the foot, while supporting the ankle and reduce the risk of future injuries. They are designed to remedy all of your behind-the-scenes issues such as those concerning your individual foot shape, or the height and position of your arches–while also providing comfort.

Custom orthotics work deeper to address other painful conditions such as:

    • Bunions, by gently guiding the toe into alignment
    • Arthritic conditions, by providing stabilizing support for the whole body
    • Scoliosis (a condition involving the curvature of the spine), by encouraging healthy posture to support the spine
    • Flat feet (or low arches), by providing a gentle arch that will improve gait and protect the foot
    • High arches, by supporting and stabilizing the arch, which will in turn improve gait and protect the foot
    • Bursitis, which is a painful condition that affects the fluid-filled sacs in the joints. Custom orthotics can help redistribute weight and alleviate pressure on these affected joints.
    • Diabetes-related foot problems. In addition to regulating blood sugar, diabetics often suffer from problems with poor circulation. Custom molded orthotics can help redistribute weight, provide support, and encourage healthy blood flow.

“B” for Beauty

Beauty. Ok, this one is short and sweet. You may not look at a pair of custom orthotics and remark on their beauty…but what you will appreciate is that you can discreetly tuck them into your favorite shoes and go about your day with poise, comfort, and health…and no one will know! Arcus offers custom orthotics online options for athletic shoes, work shoes, dress flats, and even heels! 

As a side note, Arcus custom orthotics are no slouch in the beauty department. Depending on your chosen orthotic type, the outer layer of your orthotics may be covered in our option of Vinyl, Sport, Dress, or Cloud, with a bottom cover made from ultra suede. All designs are stamped with our attractive Arcus logo on top. You’ll be so happy that you’ll want to click your heels!

“C” for Custom Orthotics

Custom, Custom, Custom! This is the most important one of all. Arcus Custom Orthotics are made exactly for you. Our high-quality orthotic insoles are made exclusively for you…and the first step is even made by you!

First, you visit Arcus online and create an online account. Once you set that up, you fill out your Customer Profile. This easy, interactive tool guides you through options to select exactly the type of custom orthotics you need. 

Select your desired shoe type: sneaker, flat, high heel, or dress shoe. Then, you choose your preferred custom orthotics cover, click to select your arch type, and indicate any issues or conditions you may have. If you don’t know your arch type or whether you have any structural issues, that’s no problem–that part can be figured out when you create your mold.

At Arcus, we like to make your online ordering experience as customized as it would be in a doctor’s office, so we provide fields for you to enter your shoe size, shoe make, and upload any pictures of the shoe you intend to wear with your insoles. These details all help us to come up with custom molded orthotics just for you!

Once completed, we mail you your very own custom molding kit. This is where you make an imprint of your feet. Don’t worry, there are full instructions on how this is done. You can watch the video here, or follow along once you receive your kit.

From there, you mail your kit back with the provided postage-paid mailer, and we get to work on creating your custom orthotics. Our master technicians evaluate your imprint and take into account all of the details you have provided us to come up with the ideal, one-of-a-kind orthotics insoles just for you. Depending on your requested style and noted conditions, your custom orthotics will be layered with a combination of structural support and soft foam for comfort. You can rest assured that all of our custom molded orthotics undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure the best quality and fit.


Custom Orthotics Online…Just For You

Despite all of the steps involved, Arcus custom orthotics can be created in just a few weeks and cost about half of what you would pay at a doctor’s office. 

All of these features are just some of the reasons why so many customers believe that Arcus offers the best custom orthotics online…and we tend to agree!


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