custom molds of your feet in a shipping box

Custom Orthotics for All Types of Footwear

Custom orthotics, not to be confused with insoles, are custom made orthotic shoe inserts designed to address specific areas of pain or discomfort that users may have, as well as to fit user feet with extreme precision for maximum effectiveness. Because they are custom made, they can be designed to fit into virtually any and every shoe.

Orthotic inserts address concerns such as foot pain, heel pain, bunions, knee pain, lower back pain, and more, through evenly distributing the pressure around the feet, and forcing the feet to make contact with the ground at the correct angles. Orthotics are a medical device that users wear inside of their shoes to correct the issues that may affect the way they walk, run and stand. Custom orthotics can address discomfort caused by medical conditions such as arthritis, tendon pain, and plantar fasciitis. Through the use of orthotics, users often experience long term improvements such as pain reduction, and both physical and postural correction.

Custom orthotic inserts are recommended by podiatrists for many patients, because apart from addressing specific concerns, they also maintain proper body alignment. This allows custom foot inserts to provide benefits to all users regardless of specific concerns. Orthotic Shoe inserts are created after taking a molding of a patient’s foot and analyzing where the pressure is distributed, as well where the pain points are. Custom foot inserts help to realign the heel to correct pronation and supination of the heel.

At Arcus Orthotics, we specialize in creating custom molded orthotics to improve the function of all of our client’s feet. Whether clients need functional orthotics for sneakers or thin and narrow orthotics for flat shoes and heels, we work with them to make certain they receive a product best suited to their unique needs. Through our affordable and non-invasive solutions for both common and less common feet issues, we provide clients with the products they need to drastically improve their lifestyle without the need for surgery.

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