Custom Orthotics for Hiking

Custom Orthotics for Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get exercise while experiencing nature. However, if you have any type of foot pain, you may struggle to hike comfortably. The fear of foot pain can keep novice hikers from getting supportive hiking boots. Sure, you may be able to tackle a moderate trail in a pair of sports shoes, but there are reasons why wearing hiking boots is a safer alternative. Unfortunately, the factory liners in most hiking boots simply do not provide enough support.

Hiking can be a very strenuous activity. You need support for your joints, your feet, your arches, and your ankles. You will likely encounter uneven or slippery terrain as well as steep climbs and hazardous conditions. Miles of walking or hiking can create friction between the shoes and the feet causing blisters, and if done often, can develop into hammer toes and corns. Preexisting conditions such as bunions and plantar fasciitis can easily be exacerbated.

Ordering custom orthotics for your hiking boots is a great solution. They offer an immediate benefit by increasing the comfort of your boots, off-loading painful areas, adding arch and heel support and providing stability. The more comfortable your boots, the longer you can hike!

However, comfort and safety go beyond blisters and minor foot pain. How you walk impacts more than your feet. In fact, your walk impacts your ankles, knees, hips, and back. Using a pair of custom orthotics that have been designed specifically for your feet can help prevent injuries and keep you from feeling the aches and pains you may associate with a long day of hiking. A good pair of custom orthotic inserts can do everything from alleviating pain to increasing the life of your hiking boots. Some of their other benefits include:

  • Preventing injuries
  • Stabilizing the foot and improving balance
  • Relieving pain from plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat feet, high arches and achilles tendonitis
  • Relieving pain in your back, hips, or knees
  • Providing comfort

You may wonder if you can get the same relief from Over-The-Counter (OTC) orthotics. Unfortunately, for most people the answer is no. While a high-quality OTC shoe insert can provide extra cushioning, they are not going to target your specific foot and diagnoses. For a strenuous activity like hiking, where stability and comfort are both critical, getting a custom fit orthotic will provide you with the best support for your arches, heels and ankles.

At Arcus Custom Orthotics, we want to bring the quality of custom orthotics to everybody. We eliminate the need for a doctor’s visit and send you a molding box so that you can perform your foot mold at home. In only three easy steps you can have true custom orthotics at a fraction of the cost of traditional orthotics.

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