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Where to Get Custom Orthotics

My Aching Feet!


With the hectic commute from home to the train station to the walk to your office downtown, “hustle-bustle” is part of your daily life! And your feet start aching well before that 5 o’clock whistle blows! 


While you don’t see the demands of your daily life changing anytime soon, you don’t exactly want to give up your signature cute heels in favor of the “Working Girl” high tops motif of the ‘80s! Is there any hope? 


Are custom made orthotics an option?


Understandably, you don’t want to automatically ditch all of your cute shoes in the name of comfort, but those aching feet need a remedy, and fast! You’ve heard of custom orthotics and even seen ads for custom orthotics online. What are they? 


Custom Made Orthotics are a type of medical device that is inserted into the shoe, designed to correct structural deformities of the foot, abnormal or irregular walking patterns, or to simply provide overall shock absorption. Properly-fitted custom orthotics remove stress from areas of the foot and ankle that take the brunt of the body weight with every step.


So custom made orthotics are like the ones you see in stores?


Not quite. There is a wide variety of insoles made of gel, foam, vinyl, and other materials available on the market today. While they do provide extra cushioning for the footbed, we would call them a “one size fits some” option. We say “some” and not “all” for a very good reason. Over-the-counter insoles are mass-produced and do not address the individual user’s specific problem areas. From toe length & position to arch height & location, to ankle size & shape–not to mention bone & ligament issues, it’s amazing how different one human’s foot can be from another’s! As such, everyone’s needs are different. Your specific concerns and irregularities are not addressed by the cookie-cutter insoles you find in stores. In order to truly remedy the individual needs of your foot, you need to look to custom made orthotics


Sounds great. Can I get custom orthotics online?


So you’ve narrowed down that you want orthotics. Great! But the question is “Where to get custom orthotics?” After all, your lifestyle is a little hectic between your commute to work, committee responsibilities, trips to little league, and taking care of the pets–not to mention staying on top of the family’s doctor appointments! 


In the past, custom made orthotics could only be obtained by a doctor, as part of a process that involved appointments for a consultation, measurement, fitting, and possible follow-up assessments. But you’re busy, and the last thing you want to do is schedule even more appointments! At this point, you’re probably wondering “Can’t I just get custom orthotics online?”


Happily, you can!

Arcus Delivers Custom Orthotics Online

Photo of Arcus custom orthotics next to the molding kit

Arcus Custom Orthotics are the custom orthotics of today. Designed by podiatrist Dr. Adam Kaplan, our insoles are high-quality insoles fully customized to your specific needs and foot structure. They use the same grade of materials you would get from orthotics you would order from your doctor–without the cumbersome appointments! 


Create your profile online and learn how you can cast a mold of your foot from the comfort of your very own home! Mail it back to us, and we will craft your very own custom orthotics from our specialty factory. You can expect to receive your product in as little as two weeks.


Our Feedback


Stephanie L. is one of Arcus’ satisfied customers. Read what she has to say below:


“I received my custom orthotics a few weeks ago and have already noticed a difference. I was diagnosed with flat feet and have always had pain. I work from home full time and am juggling two kids so I hadn’t had time to see my podiatrist. This process was so easy and I could do it all without leaving the house.


Definitely recommend!”


Stephanie L.

Our customers love how easy we make ordering custom orthotics online–and they love the quality and affordable price point. Like Stephanie L., we think you will too!


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