How Do Custom Orthotics for Runners Work?

What Are Insoles for Running?

Custom orthotics for runners work in a very similar way to how regular orthotics do–but supercharged! But before we begin to define what custom orthotics for runners are, let’s discuss runners and their needs.


What Makes a Great Runner?

Are great runners defined by their physique or their mindset? That is certainly an interesting question, and the answer is “a little bit of both.” Runners’ physiques have essentially been #goals for years, and while there are many advantages to being born with a naturally athletic build and the ideal foot structure, there is more to the equation. The other important component of what makes a great runner is the mindset!

Whether amateur or professional, short or long distance, runners are a special type of person. While it’s safe to say that all athletes are goal-driven, runners have the mindset to persevere. They keep going, one foot after the other, to reach new milestones and achieve shorter times. They obtain their unique brand of zen through the quiet, mindful conditioning of their bodies, and if you ask them, nothing can beat the boost of euphoria that running delivers!

So, if running appeals to you, you can start to train at any time…no perfection required! So don’t get too caught up worrying about your flat feet, what causes flat feet, or any other imperfections, because you can work past that. Now, start conditioning!


What Types of Runners Are There?

Runners are generally categorized into three main types:

  • Speedsters. These are your sprinters who enjoy challenging themselves to achieve better and better times for quick, short relays on up to distances of 5k. They tend to lead the pack in short events but gradually lose a little steam when completing longer distances. These events usually leave the runner fatigued but not physically exhausted.
  • Endurance Monsters. This type of runner enjoys running long distances over 5k,  such as half-marathons and marathons. They are conditioned to maintain a consistent pace throughout the course and find these challenges invigorating.
  • Combination Runners. This type of runner is the most common, enjoying a combination of both the quick, short bursts and the longer events.

Regardless of your running “type,” all styles of running provide excellent cardiovascular conditioning that can aid in stress reduction thanks to the huge boost of endorphins, or “feel-good” chemicals it releases to the body


What Should I Know Before I Start Running?

If you’re new to running, know the importance of warming up.  Thoroughly stretch out before every workout with slow, controlled movements. You will want to start your cardio workout gradually by alternating between walking and jogging. If you feel comfortable jogging for one minute, alternate between jogging for one minute, followed by brisk walking for four minutes. Aim to repeat this pattern six times, for a total of 30 minutes.

Let your arms swing naturally and enjoy the moment you’re in. Feel proud of yourself for making this commitment to better health!

During your workouts, monitor your heart rate, ease of breathing, and how your feet, legs, and joints feel. As you get in better and better shape, you can increase your jogging time and reduce your walking time until you are jogging the full distance of your workout. You may also increase your speed if that is one of your goals. 

And make sure you follow through with cool-down stretches after every workout! Don’t forget to gently roll your ankles in a circular motion and stretch out the balls of your feet and your toes, too.


What Should I Wear?

Most runners prefer simple, breathable clothing that helps draw perspiration away from the body–but whether you prefer leggings, track pants, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, or hoodies–that’s entirely up to you (and the temperature)!

The Importance of Protecting Your Feet

With every step you move closer to your goal, your body also takes the impact. Running is excellent for your cardiovascular health–but it does put some serious wear and tear on your joints. Protecting your feet is paramount, so wearing a well-cushioned, well-fitted athletic shoe designed specifically for running is the very most important part of your attire. Having said that, wearing athletic shoes alone isn’t always enough. 


When to Consider Custom Orthotics for Runners

In terms of monitoring your body during and after a run, how do you feel? Do you feel invigorated and pleasantly fatigued, or are you experiencing pain? If you are experiencing pain, listen to your body. If you are struggling for air, you may be pushing yourself too hard. 

If you are experiencing foot, ankle, knee, or back discomfort, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you need to give up what you love–you just may need additional support in the form of custom running insoles. 


What Are Custom Running Insoles?

Rest assured that custom orthotics aren’t as scary as they sound. Although they once had a reputation for being associated with the elderly, that is no longer the case! They also aren’t the bulky, ugly devices that they were in the past!

The fact is that there is no such thing as a perfect foot. Many people suffer from abnormalities, conditions, or injuries that cause them to experience foot pain and be prone to further injury. This is especially true for runners, who put a great deal of pressure on their feet every time they pound the pavement (or the track!)


What are the Benefits of Custom Orthotics for Runners?

Custom orthotics for runners are designed with the unique needs of the athlete in mind by providing a molded, ergonomic surface to absorb shock. Created from a custom mold, insoles for running are designed to:

  • Provide shock absorption
  • Supply the necessary arch support whether your feet are flat, normal, or high-arched
  • Gently guide the foot and ankle into the optimal position to encourage circulation, provide comfort, and reduce the chances of injury

What about toes? Did you know that your toes can get crowded in shoes that are either too small or too big? That’s right. When there’s too much space in the shoe, it can cause the foot to slide around and either make the toes cluster together or hit the front end of the shoe. Either way, that means blisters, discomfort, and even injury. 

By supplying this internal support system for your foot, Custom running insoles can even help your favorite pair of athletic shoes fit better by encouraging proper toe alignment.


Discover Arcus

Arcus creates a variety of high-quality orthotics, including dedicated custom insoles for running. Our products are created from a mold made by your own feet and completed in the finest materials. They are never “one size fits all” and the quality is the same as the ones you might order from a doctor’s office!

We make the entire ordering process easy for people from all walks of life and schedules. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you don’t have to give up what you love just because you experience discomfort–or even a prior injury!  

In fact, no appointments are necessary; you can do it all from the comfort of your very own home. To order your Arcus insoles for running:

  • Visit our website at
  • Sign up for your free account
  • Create your free profile that details all of your needs
  • Select “Sneaker” as your shoe type
  • Select “Sport” as your top cover
  • Select your arch: Low, Normal, or High
  • In the next field, check any special conditions you have, such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, chronic ankle sprains, or other issues
  • On the next page, Arcus gives you this space to provide any pictures or further information you’d like to include about your foot, shoe make, or other information to aid in describing what you are looking for in your custom orthotics for runners.
  • From there, you will receive your custom molding kit (don’t worry, it comes with full instructions) to cast your foot mold.
  • Return your foot mold with the provided postage-paid mailer
  • Meanwhile, our master technicians will craft your custom running insoles based on your needs and specifications. 
  • Your Arcus custom orthotics are on their way! This process can take as little as two weeks to complete.

There are numerous peer-reviewed articles that support the positive benefits of custom fitted orthotics. Read more here


The Arcus Way

Arcus hopes that this blog provided some useful information for you. We advocate for physical fitness and maintaining proper posture for overall health & wellness. We don’t just create custom insoles…we wear them! We believe that our orthotics may be helpful to you too. We enjoy receiving comments and feedback from our customers. Do you love your custom running insoles? Please Drop us a line!

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