Orthotics for Knee Pain Relief

Can Orthotics Help Knee Pain?

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there is a gentle breeze in the air. It feels like a perfect day to roll up your sleeves and plant those cucumbers and tomatoes! But no sooner do you get your hat, gardening gloves, and trowel ready, you begin to feel that dreaded stiffness in your knees…which seems to increase every time you kneel into that rich soil.

You decide that all kneeling and stooping activities have to be shelved for the time being, so you opt to take Rufus the Retriever out for a neighborhood walk. The fresh air and early summer breezes do wonders for your spirits (not to mention Rufus’)…but you’re met with a familiar, unwelcomed old visitor. Knock knock. It’s your knees again, chiming in with the usual stiffness and even some intermittent clicking. Give it a rest, knees…I’m trying to enjoy my day!


Knee Pain is on the Rise

It goes without saying that knee pain is no fun and can stand in the way of an active, enjoyable life. According to the American Family Physician, knee pain affects approximately one in four Americans, and it’s only on the rise. In fact, it has increased by almost 65% in the past 20 years. 


What is the Cause of Knee Pain?

There are a variety of risk factors, including:

  • Increased body mass index (BMI) or weight
  • Lifestyle
  • Posture
  • Lack of flexibility or strength
  • Aging
  • Repetitive motion
  • Past or current injuries
  • Congenital or structural issues you were born with


How Can I Get Rid of Knee Pain?

Fortunately, there are steps (pardon the pun) that you can take to avoid or minimize the nagging effects of knee pain. While you can’t turn back the clock or wish away an injury, you can:

  • Maintain a healthy body weight, by:
    • Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins, while keeping your sugar and processed foods intake to a minimum
    • Engaging in daily cardio exercise such as walking, swimming, or biking to maintain cardiovascular health
    • Doing daily stretches and light strength exercises to maintain muscle mass and engage your core
  • Maintain good posture by standing upright, pulling your shoulders back, and being mindful of distributing your weight equally to avoid putting too much pressure on one side or area

So you already tried that. What else can you do? Read on.


I’m Still Experiencing Knee Pain. What Else Can I Do?

As owners of bodies ourselves, Arcus knows how frustrating knee pain can be! Lifestyle changes, while very helpful, often aren’t enough when there are underlying conditions. It’s hard to exercise when you’re in pain, and how do you take off weight when it’s difficult to exercise? Furthermore, how do you stand up straight when you are dealing with scoliosis, abnormal limb length, or structural issues of the foot?

It’s only natural that you may be wondering what else you can do. You have probably heard about orthotics for knee pain and wondered “Can orthotics help knee pain?” Happily, they can, and we are here to tell you more.


Do Orthotics Work for Knee Pain?

If you are facing a medical emergency, we recommend visiting your local emergency room or urgent care center to rule out any life-threatening conditions. 

If you’re dealing with recurring soreness, stiffness, or even clicking in your knees, you owe it to yourself to get to the source of the problem. Whether your knee pain is due to aging, extra weight, or a structural issue, such pain points to the fact that you could use some help. 

According to the National Library of Medicine, laterally wedged orthotics for knee pain are instrumental in providing pain relief to people with a variety of medical conditions.


Arcus Orthotics for Knee Pain Relief

Arcus Custom Orthotics is here to help. We have provided thousands of satisfied customers with solutions for various conditions including orthotics for knee pain. All of our products are high quality and custom-made exclusively for you. Multiple layers are bonded together to provide superior comfort and stabilization for your foot. Finished in an attractive outer material, our orthotics fit neatly in your shoe. No two orthotics are the same because they are molded by you in the comfort of your own home! So, do orthotics work for knee pain? You bet!

Our orthotics for knee pain do the following:

  • Guide the natural rotation of the lower leg
  • Retrain the leg into alignment. This is beneficial for those who suffer from lower leg bones (tibias) that curve inward or outward (sometimes referred to as “bow legs” or “knock knees”).
  • Providing support to the arches which force the ankles to properly align
  • Discourage the twisting of the knee, thereby providing relief to the knee joint
  • Absorb shock and pressure throughout the body
  • Relieve three sources of knee pain: runner’s knee pain, osteoarthritis, general knee pain (define)
  • Helps protect knee cartilage and knee meniscus from shock and stress


Orthotics for Knee Pain Relief Work

Do orthotics work for knee pain? They do for a lot of people like yourself. Take a look at what one of our customers has to say: 

“As an avid distance runner with recurring foot and knee pains, Arcus Orthotics have greatly helped correct my running form, alleviate pressure and avoid injuries. The “one size fits all” orthotics available at stores simply do not get the job done. Thanks to Arcus Orthotics’ custom approach, I am now pain free!”

–Michael A.

For something that looks so simple, Arcus custom orthotics can do a world of good! Amazingly, they can be created in just a few weeks while costing about half of what you would pay at a doctor’s office. 

All of these features are just some of the reasons why so many customers believe that Arcus offers the best orthotics for knee pain…and we tend to agree!


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