Know the Custom Orthotics Cost and Difference

Whether you sit, stand, or run laps for a living, day-to-day life can run its toll on your feet, legs, and back. When you add injury and/or congenital diagnoses that can stress the body, it makes sense why so many people are seeking ergonomic solutions. Alongside self-care, massage, and exercise, the obvious remedy would be insoles or orthotics for the foot.


What Exactly Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are a type of device inserted into the shoe designed to relieve pain, redistribute pressure and restore natural foot function. They provide more support and comfort to you as you walk, run, and go about your day. 


Are Orthotics Different From Insoles?

Insoles help to cushion the foot and absorb shock, but the over-the-counter variety is not customized to your foot. While orthotics are a type of insole, not all insoles are orthotics. 


How Much Are Custom Orthotics?

As many people are aware, the cost of custom molded orthotics from your podiatrist can be upwards of $500. This can put a strain on anyone’s budget.


Does Insurance Impact Custom Orthotics Cost?

While we could give you a simple yes or no answer, custom orthotics cost varies greatly among insurance companies, and there are several determining factors within those companies. For example, Medicare does not cover orthotics at all. While some insurance companies do cover custom orthotics, many have specific rules and regulations to determine which condition is or is not covered. Some companies require a doctor’s prescription for a specific diagnosis. Other plans only cover if they are being used to treat a specific injury.

Patients should also be aware that even if their insurance company does cover their orthotics, they may only cover a specific amount that is only a fraction of the full custom orthotics cost. Additionally, they may still have to pay a deductible. Once the deductible has been met, they still may need to pay a percentage of the price out-of-pocket.


Are There Cheaper Orthotics Solutions?

Given the custom made orthotics cost plus issues with insurance, many people are running to their local drug stores for the quick solutions that over-the-counter insoles provide. While most any cushioned insole provides some degree of comfort for your feet, many people find that over-the-counter insoles simply don’t provide the ergonomic relief their body needs. In fact, some of the one-size-fits-all insoles can do more harm than good.

For example, an insole that is too large could create crowding in the shoe, which could lead to blisters or bunions. Conversely, an insole that is too small could slide around the shoe and foster poor bodily alignment. Many insoles offer no arch support, while others offer a one-size-fits-all arch that often doesn’t align correctly with the user’s natural arch.

In their quest for comfort and testing out all of the varieties of over-the-counter insoles, many users are still suffering from pain while still facing the uncertainty that they can afford the cost of custom molded orthotics. Many others are coming to realize that custom orthotics are a worthwhile investment. 

Is the Cost of Custom Molded Orthotics Worth it?

Custom made orthotics cost more than your basic over-the-counter insoles, but they are designed to work to support the unique structure of your feet. Properly supporting your feet will help to alleviate or even eliminate the pains you are experiencing.

Custom orthotics created just for you can alleviate many symptoms. This includes reducing overall foot pain including bunions, heel pain, knee pain, and even lower back pain. These are often directly related to the structure and gait of your feet which many people don’t draw the connection to. To improve your pain, you need a better way to support your body with each step.

The good news is, custom made orthotics cost less than you may think, and Arcus has you covered.


Why Should You Consider Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics aren’t just a temporary solution, they can permanently change your feet, therefore allowing you to live life pain-free. Shoes alone don’t always provide the proper protection that you may need. Adding an orthotic to your sneaker, dress shoe or heel can make all the difference.


What Is the Custom Orthotics Cost?

It is possible to have total pain relief. It is possible to get back to your life again. The key concern for many is what is the custom orthotics cost, and that is a valid one

Arcus inserts are high-quality handmade orthotic devices that are custom designed for your feet. They are one set price, regardless of the number of modifications you need. Insoles purchased from your local podiatrist or physician can cost upwards of $500. At Arcus, you pay just over half the cost.

So what are you waiting for? Read what our satisfied clients have to say about our products. Take this important step toward freedom from pain & get your life back!

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