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What Does Custom Molded Really Mean?

What Does Custom Molded Really Mean?

When seeking out an orthotic, it’s imperative that you find one that fits you specifically. After all, orthotics are meant to correct pronation and other biomechanical foot issues, or reduce hip, knee or other joint pain and pressure—all issues that are unique to you and require individual solutions. 

An over the counter orthotic may provide some relief, but the obvious reality is that it was not built for you, and is unlikely to permanently fix the discomfort you are dealing with. The best solution rests in custom molded orthotics, like the ones Arcus delivers to your door! But what does custom molded really mean? Let’s have a look.

The idea behind a custom molded orthotic is that the device is built specifically for the shape and contours of your foot, and to address the exact areas where you are feeling pain or discomfort. Our custom-fitting process is developed from more than 20 years of experience. 

Our Custom Molding Process:

  • Identify Pain Points
    To start, we have you identify the area(s) of your foot where you are experiencing pain.
  • Select Shoe Type and Size
    Next we have you select the shoe in which you will be wearing the orthotic. Footwear options include athletic shoes, men’s dress shoes, women’s flats, heeled shoes and more. In addition, we have you select your shoe size, both length and width.
  • Submit for Review
    Once we have received your information, an Arcus podiatrist will review your symptoms, pain points, shoe preferences and other provided information to determine the best device for your issue and foot type.
  • Mold Your Foot
    We will mail you a foam impression kit that you will receive at home within a few business days, including all necessary instructions. Following the simple steps listed in our foam casting kit, you will make a custom mold of your foot. Once you’ve completed the process, just close the box, attach the prepaid mailing label on the front and ship your mold back to us at no cost to you.
  • Manufacturing and Delivery
    We begin the manufacturing process as soon as we receive your impressions, and in 10-15 business days your finished and quality controlled custom foot orthotic is mailed back to you!

It’s time to stop putting up with foot pain and discomfort in your day to day life. Our time-tested process makes custom molded orthotics easier to get than you could ever imagine. Arcus offers solutions for every foot type, for just about every shoe type, from flats to heels, athletic shoes to dress wear. Click here to receive your foot casting kit and get on your way to comfort.

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