Are Custom Orthotics worth it?

Are Custom Orthotics Worth the Cost?

People always ask us if custom orthotics are worth the cost? Our answer is yes. If you experience foot problems and need orthotics to stabilize your feet, correct your gait, align your body, treat existing problems, or prevent future problems, the money you spend on custom orthotics will be repaid by lack of pain and not having to treat problems later. They are absolutely worth the cost.

However, we are also aware that traditional custom orthotics can be prohibitively expensive for many people. Only sometimes covered by insurance, and even then, people have deductibles and out-of-pocket maxes to consider before getting their full benefits, custom orthotics can cost a lot of money. Not only are the orthotics themselves expensive, but they also require a prescription, which means a doctor’s visit and more money (and time).

What if we told you that Arcus Custom Orthotics can offer you all of the benefits of custom orthotics but at a fraction of what custom orthotics normally cost? Because that is exactly what we do. We know just how beneficial and worthwhile custom orthotics can be and we see no reason that people should be priced out of those benefits, so we have created a solution where people can get all of the benefits of custom orthotics without spending tons of money to get them.

If you are misdiagnosing your problem, over-the-counter orthotics could actually exacerbate any current issues you are experiencing. Using custom orthotics is a different story; the vast majority of patients who use custom orthotics recover from injuries and are able to stay active. That is because custom orthotics can correct your specific foot issue. Whether you are suffering from sore feet, referred pain in your knees, hips, or back, or even diabetes-related foot problems, custom orthotics can be specifically designed to help you with your foot issues.

As you can tell, we are firm believers that custom orthotics are worth every penny you spend on them. We just do not think you have to spend all of those pennies to get high-quality custom orthotics. We are offering a custom orthotic solution that we believe is accessible, so that you can get all of the benefits at a substantial savings.

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