Do Custom Orthotics Really Work?

When you have been dealing with chronic foot pain or referred pain in the knees, hips, or back due to foot problems, you sometimes start to feel hopeless. Specialists may recommend surgeries or lengthy therapy regimes but offer little hope of an immediate solution to your pain. Custom orthotics are a fast and reliable solution that can offer significant relief.

Many people first opt for over-the-counter options not realizing they are not truly custom, nor are they made from medical grade materials. Getting custom orthotics from a podiatrist can be considered a lengthy process between office visits that include an initial diagnosis, creating a molding, and returning to pick up the final product, and battling with insurance companies that often don’t cover them. The price alone can range from $500 and up. With Arcus the whole process takes about two weeks and no insurance or official diagnosis is required.

The majority of the cost associated with custom orthotics is not due to the materials involved, but because of the tailored manufacturing process. Custom orthotics are specifically designed to fit your foot and compensate for your specific foot issues, which can result in immediate and significant pain reduction in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. Orthotics force your feet, heels and ankles into the correct alignment, removing the stress that a poor foot structure places on your feet and other body parts.

Custom orthotics are also designed with the lifestyle and body type of the customer in mind. Even if two people have the same structural deformity in their feet, an active or heavier person will put more pressure on their feet than a lighter, less active person. Custom orthotics are meant to help people get back to functioning in their normal daily activities. Arcus Custom Orthotics can offer you the specialized solution your feet need without the hassle or expense of traditional custom orthotics.

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