Do You Really Need Running Insoles?

“Do I need orthotics for running?”

It is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from customers and potential customers. The answer varies by person, lifestyle, diagnosis and more. Whether or not you need orthotics depends on several factors. Understanding those factors will help you determine if orthotics can help you improve your running activity and lower your risk of injury.

Are you experiencing foot pain? If you experience pain in your feet while running or after you have been training, that is your body telling you that something is wrong. As a runner, the problem could be as simple as the wrong pair of shoes. If your shoes are showing signs of wear and tear after heavy use, it is time to try a new pair. If the pain occurs even with a new pair or a new brand, it likely means the issue is more serious.

A common issue experienced by runners is pronation. Pronation (flatfooted) of the foot at some level is normal, however over-pronation causes a flattened arch and can lead to an overload of stress and strain to the multiple bones, muscle, tendons and joints.

On the other hand, supination (a high arched foot) also leads to an overload of stress and strains to other positions in the body. Like most things there is always a “goldilocks zone” which is neither flatfooted nor high arched, just the right position. This can be corrected by custom orthotics posting.

Runners can also experience problems due to intense training. Even if a runner is using the correct gait, running properly, and using the right shoe gear, the more intense the training, the greater the risk of pain and injury. This is especially true for older runners or runners who have previously experienced injuries.

Adding the right running insoles to your shoes may help you avoid running-related pain or injuries. However, adding the wrong running insoles could actually do more harm than good, exacerbate any existing pronation problems, and cause greater impact on the wrong areas when your foot strikes.

Custom orthotics offer you the benefits of a great running insole without the risks of getting it wrong. They are designed specifically to fit your foot, which means that they will correct any known diagnosis and help prevent future injury. In addition to correcting foot problems, custom orthotics are also designed to be shock absorbing, helping cushion not only your foot but also joints in your knees, hips, and back. Arcus Custom Orthotics can help keep you running pain free.

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