Does Insurance Cover Custom Orthotics?

Does Insurance Cover Custom Orthotics?

If you are tired of suffering with daily foot, knee and hip pain and are not feeling like yourself, it may be time for orthotics. You have probably done your fair share of research trying to figure out the best solution including even trying over-the-counter alternatives. You have heard custom orthotics can help but aren’t sure if insurance covers medical devices like these.

We wish we could give you a simple yes or no answer, however the answer varies greatly among insurance companies and there are several determining factors within those companies. For example, Medicare does not cover orthotics at all. While some insurance companies do cover custom orthotics, many have specific rules and regulations to determine which condition is or is not covered. Some companies require a doctor’s prescription for a specific diagnosis. Other plans only cover if they are being used to treat an injury.

Patients should also be aware that even if their insurance company does cover their orthotics, they may only cover a specific amount, they may still have to pay a deductible, and even if the deductible has been met, they still may need to pay a percentage of the price out of pocket.

Arcus Custom Orthotics offers a solution that costs people significantly less money, making custom orthotics accessible for anyone who needs them. No hassling with insurance required.

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