How Orthotics Can Help Common Foot and Ankle Injuries

How Orthotics Can Help Common Foot and Ankle Injuries

There are some common foot and ankle injuries that can put you out of commission. Custom orthotics provide cushioning, stability, and arch support. They can help correct your gait, making sure that you put pressure on the correct part of your foot and help you to avoid overpronation and supination. These benefits can help you avoid the following common foot and ankle injuries:

Stress Fracture

A stress fracture is a break in one of the bones in your foot. These breaks are not the result of an acute trauma, but of overuse. Runners frequently get stress fractures in their feet, though any athletes who train on their feet are at risk. You are also at risk if you are an amateur in sports or training and are not using the proper form.

Custom orthotics can help you avoid stress fractures by providing cushioning for your foot and forcing your foot into the correct alignment.

Sprained Ankle

A sprain is an injury to the ligaments caused by the stretching or tearing of the ligament. You can sprain your ankle by rolling it, twisting it, or turning it at the wrong angle.

The sprained ankle is the most common sports injury, however it can occur during everyday activity as well. It is one of the most common musculoskeletal emergency department visits. Some people have “weak” ankles that are prone to rolling or sprains. People who sprain their ankles are more prone to subsequent sprains. If you have gait, ankle, or other foot issues, the use of custom orthotics with a deep heel cup can reduce your risk of a sprained ankle.

Achilles Tendon Issues

The largest and strongest tendon in your body, the Achilles tendon, attaches the calf muscles to the heel. This soft tissue is prone to tearing if stressed. An increase in training level, running on uneven surfaces or structural issues like tight calves or pronation, can leave you susceptible to an Achilles tendon issue.

Injuries to your Achilles tendon can be chronic, in the form of tendonitis, or acute, in the form of a ruptured Achilles tendon. Custom orthotics can correct pronation and help relieve the strain on calf muscles, reducing the risk of Achilles tendon injuries.

Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is a band of this tissue similar to a ligament that holds muscles and other soft tissue together at the bottom of your foot. This provides support for your arches. When the plantar fascia gets stressed, it can become inflamed, resulting in a painful condition known as plantar fasciitis.

Orthotics with a first ray cut out with the correction of a pronated heel can help you avoid plantar fasciitis by supporting your arches, which removes some of the strain from your fascia.

Turf Toe

Another sprain injury, turf toe, is a sprain in your big toe. It is generally caused by activities that force your toe upward. Custom orthotics are not as effective at preventing turf toe, however, wearing the right shoes can help prevent this injury. You should wear less flexible shoes that do not allow you to push the toe upward when you push off of the ground. Orthotics with a morton’s extension (the diagnosis of hallux limitus) will alleviate this chronic pain.

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