Ordering orthotics at home

Ordering Orthotics From Home

Ordering Orthotics From Home

As we move forward in this unprecedented time of COVID-19, many aspects of our day to day lives are changing, and we’ve been confronted with new choices about our daily activities, what’s necessary and what is not. While we will have to make sacrifices and avoid certain trips that would normally be obligations, taking care of ourselves and maintaining good physical health is not something that can be postponed or swept aside.

Foot pain and difficulty walking falls squarely into that category of things to be addressed as soon as possible, and with The Arcus Way, you can receive the custom orthotics you need— and the relief they deliver—without risking multiple trips to a doctor’s where you might become exposed to COVID-19.

Though some states have managed to keep coronavirus caseloads low after the initial explosion of cases earlier this year, state health officials continue to recommend that people avoid public places whenever possible, particularly those that see a high volume of traffic or might have visitors likely to be sick. Doctors’ offices, by their nature, fit this description, and the goal of keeping patient visits down as a precautionary measure has been a big driver in the recent growth of telemedicine.

At Arcus, we offer a range of custom molded orthotics, all individually engineered to reduce heel and foot pain, stabilize and control foot motion, properly distribute and balance weight, provide continued and constant longitudinal arch support, re-align form and function of the foot and add shock absorption for comfort. What’s better, from molding to finished product, it’s all delivered to your door. Our range includes orthotics for all of life’s demands, even in this strange time:

  •  Arcus Sport
    The Arcus Sport Orthotic is a multifunctional, all-around sports orthotic that provides semi-rigid support while improving biomechanical function of the foot. It’s designed to fit most types of athletic shoes but can also fit select types of everyday walking shoes, tie shoes and loafers.
  • Arcus Intermediate
    The Arcus Intermediate can be used as an everyday device for walking, light exercise, work, or home wear. It’s designed for patients who do not need maximum correction and need to be stabilized with a device that endures today’s world of on-the-go lifestyles. The Arcus Intermediate fits all shoes except dress shoes.
  • Arcus Dress
    The Arcus Dress provides support and reduces foot fatigue in a dress shoe and comes in both male and female versions. It’s an ultrathin orthotic for sleek, narrow, low heel shoes, and each pair comes with an ultra-suede bottom covering for a luxurious feel.
  • Arcus Premium Accommodative
    The Arcus Premium Accommodative is a general orthotic that provides flexible support, comfort, and alignment for accommodative control. This orthotic is recommended for sneakers, tie shoes, and deep heel counter shoes.
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