Orthotics for Runners

Runners are an injury-prone group of athletes. Some estimates suggest that up to 50% of runners are injured each year, though experts believe the numbers may be even higher.

The main cause of injury in runners is overuse. Runners tend to be enthusiastic about their sport and are unlikely to rest when they first notice a problem. As a result, minor injuries can become major or chronic injuries.

Purchasing custom orthotics can help prevent many running-related injuries. They are one tool that can help keep you on the road and injury-free.

Custom foot orthotics come in two main categories, over-the-counter shoe inserts and custom-made devices specifically designed for your body. They can change how the foot interacts with the ground during walking, running, or jumping. Using the wrong orthotic can actually make a runner more prone to injury and that is why it is important to find the right fit for you.

Most over-the-counter orthotics (OTC) are really just cushions. They add gel, foam, or plastic to your shoe to help cushion and absorb your steps. For runners with a good gait and no pre-existing foot conditions, OTC orthotics can be enough to help prevent some injuries. However, if you have any type of foot injury, gait problem, or structural abnormality, custom orthotics will help you avoid injury and alleviate current issues. They are built for your foot and are designed to solve a specific problem. Orthotics can help with a range of issues including:

While any of those conditions can cause pain or discomfort on their own, the real risk to runners is that they will put you at a greater risk for injury. Getting custom orthotics designed to compensate for your existing foot problems will help you preserve your health and avoid injuries.

Want to make running a safer pastime and lower your risk of injury? Consider custom orthotics from Arcus Orthotics. Our products are more affordable, 50%-70% less than podiatrist-ordered orthotics, and still offer the same custom benefits. Let us help you keep on running.

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