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Stop Wasting Money On Over The Counter Orthotics

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Orthotics That Don’t Fit

When shopping for, or even just thinking about orthotics to ease foot or joint pain, many people feel torn between two unsatisfying options—picking up another pair of over the counter orthotics that don’t fit their feet and often seem to make things worse, or trying to schedule multiple doctor appointments to have orthotics custom made.

There is good reason to feel confused or overwhelmed—neither are very good options. Over the counter orthotics are made with general molds, not specifically built to support and work with the contour and shape of your feet. Not only will an OTC orthotic not alleviate the original issue, but since they are not designed specifically for your height, weight, body composition and other factors, the ineffective support they offer might actually make matters worse; increasing pain or transferring it to another part of the body.

When people become frustrated with the lack of lasting results from OTC orthotics they often turn to the other side of the spectrum and consider going to a podiatrist to be fit for custom orthotics. But this brings with it another set of problems. It is time consuming to schedule the multiple appointments required to be examined including having molds made, receiving the molds, and getting them set for your feet. More importantly, it’s time away from work, an extra commute, several co-pays, and all during a time when it’s safest to avoid public places.

In addition to copays, often times patients are left paying for the device itself out of pocket which can be more than double the price of our product here at Arcus.

Thankfully there is another option. It’s a relaxing and reliable and one we’ve honed over our 20 years of experience. We will ship you a custom orthotic molding kit right to your door; it’s easy to use, and shipping is completely paid for.

At Arcus, we offer a range of custom molded orthotics, specifically engineered for a variety of purposes and individually tailored to your foot. Whether you are looking for something to fit an athletic shoe, dress shoes or high heels, we’ve got your feet covered. There’s no reason to continue battling discomfort – not when it’s this easy. Click here to receive your custom foam impression kit and you will be on the road to comfort in no time.

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